Frequenly Asked Qustions

To prevent spam accounts, this website does not allow you to create a customer account prior to ordering. Once you have completed your billing details on the checkout page and click “Place Order“, a customer account will automatically be created, and you will be automatically logged in on the website as a customer. Please check both your email INBOX and SPAM folders for your welcome email and login credentials for future purchases or to view your order history.

To prevent browser extensions, addons and malware from being a possible cause of your account getting hacked and possibly affecting other users or compromising the security of this website, you will automatically be logged out if you are idle for more than 30 min while logged in on this website.

To ensure a fair opportunity for all to purchase an original Cindy Lötter artwork, this website automatically cancels orders after 6 hours if a piece was checked out but unpaid. This is to prevent abandoned carts from holding on to artwork, making it available for other interested individuals to purchase. You will receive an automated reminder, per email, 1 hour after your order with a link to complete the payment if the cart was abandoned. This will make it fair for all interested in purchasing from this website.